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Tim Elms

Tim Elms is a loyal neighbour and a patient father who is focused on ensuring his family continues to grow in a safe and flourishing community. A Saint Mary's MBA alumnus, with experience as a Relations Advisor for Atlantic Canadian Rural Municipalities, gives Tim Elms the proficiency with municipal planning.

Tim Elms is a hardworking, solution seeking and an ever-present project manager. A member of the Haliburton Heights Homeowner Association and an active participant for both St Margaret's' Bay and Feed Nova Scotia food drives. Tim Elms is also an outdoor enthusiast who recognizes the importance of community sustainability, traffic safety and accessible recreation for everyone in our district. A previous small business owner, Tim Elms understands the importance of supporting local business's initiatives. Not afraid of making waves in order to contribute to create positive changes, Tim Elms is the candidate that is ready to make time for all of us.

On October 17, 2020, ELECT TIM ELMS for Hammonds plains - St. Margaret's Bay District 13 Councilor.

Tim's Platform

Traffic safety

  • Traffic Calming solutions
  • Increasing Crosswalks
  • Increasing Sidewalks/Bike Paths

Accessible recreation

  • St Margaret's Bay public accessibility - off Peggy's cove rd.
  • Update to sports facility, skatepark and pool upgrade (+adding crosswalks)
  • Public transit to beaches

Support for local business/organizations

  • Rallying community support around local businesses
  • Co-operative partnerships to increase public infrastructure
    • Increased centralized common areas/green spaces (near businesses)
    • Adopt a sidewalk/bike path for business's and associations
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